Giving a little back…

Today was a day for a little bit of #mildphilanthropy from Capt R – (duty Pilot) and myself ( standby Pilot)

If you’ve ever bought a copy of “The Freaky Wave” magazine, you’ll be pleased to know that some of the proceeds go to Cadet S.O.S packs – small packs of everyday stuff, sweets, mags, newspapers etc etc that a deck / engine Cadet on a trip might find useful – breaks the routine of the voyage. 

These chaps and chapesses may be away from home months on end, often sailing with mixed nationality crew, on a variety of vessels, usually with not much shore leave- all just to learn “the job”… the practical aspects of their training. 

As Pilots, we often encounter these Trainee Officers onboard when we provide a Pilotage service, for said vessels. 

Today’s recipient was very grateful “made my contract” he said. 

Our pleasure – safe sailing to the next generation.



One thought on “Giving a little back…

  1. Thank you Soooo much for the parcel sent to Matt Carpenter today on board the Umm Al Adad, it was brilliant of you. I’m his Grandad and me and his Gran have been worried about him because he has been a bit down the last couple of days so it couldn’t have come at a better time for him. A brilliant idea and definitely gratefully received. Not sure about the Marmite though haha! Thank you again Mike Payne

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