Contributors FAQ-

So how does one contribute artistically to The Freaky Wave Magazine?

This is how it works… get in touch, send a brief summary of your material. Absolutely anything considered. You can see from the previous issues, it’s pretty much bawdy seagoing humour.

What do I get in return?

You get a free copy of the mag send to you in the form of a “printers proof”… or the edited version that goes to print….way before anyone sees it.  

You get an actual real live copy before they go on sale.

You get the chance to promote any of your own wee projects, ie your own books / blogs / etc etc – things you want to sell ( joking)

Do I get cold hard cash?


How ?

Each edition print run is considered as a seperate entity. If we sell enough for it to go into profit, then we start to divide up the profit- 18th century buccaneer style. For example, if your material amounted to 1 page of a 50 page issue, you would be entitled to 1/50th of the profit share. For contributors, I am always open to share the analytics on “how we are doing” sales wise.

How do you fund the print run?

From an online scam, involving missing millions and a Nigerian bank account. Not really- I hold down a few regular-ish cartoon gigs that covers the main bite of each print run. No catches.

How often does “it” go to print?

Aiming for every six months at the moment.- Already working on the Christmas edition. 

I am not sure if what I have is good enough? 

Really ? – take a look around / have a look at previous issues. Have a look at the cartoons especially- no where near pro standards. Have a look at other work from other cartoonists such as “modern toss” …. simple and really funny. If in doubt / get in touch. It’s really that simple. Funny articles, ideas, word searches, fake ads – anything.

I am a yottie, and want to join in – can I ?

Of course, – primarily we are aiming for a merchant navy audience…but,all maritime themes considered. Join in ! 

I work on “the grey funnel line”… am I welcome? 

Of course you are!

Is it all rude?

No no, nothing malicious, nothing nasty, just regular swears one may encounter on any vessel on the high seas…especially when things are going wrong. We are aiming for something between “Viz”, and “The National Enquirer”.

Why are you doing this?

To promote humour at Sea and generally raise awareness of the “Merchant Navy”. If we can do a little common sense safety too, ( not tick box stuff ) that’s a good thing.

I have a question, that isn’t frequently asked… how do I cope with that? 
Just get in touch –

@twitter ….@thefreakywave….. probably the best … or through this site.


Now initial this to state you have read this.

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